Media is important to reduce the incidence of HIV infection

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By : Heng Neang

On the morning of 23 August 2012 in meeting market promotions on the issue of the spread of HIV AIDS among gay men in Cambodia at the Sunway Hotel , H.E Teng Kunthy Secretary authority National AIDS mentioned that organizing this program , most importantly, in order to let the media help provide information related with the risk of HIV and AIDS in Cambodia .

C Department said that the risk of HIV and AIDS , we are concerned that there are 3 groups – gay men and the work place for entertainment and drug use .

Dr ethical framework Deputy Secretary of the National AIDS Authority also mentioned that media information vital to help disseminate information to listeners and readers to understand how to protect themselves from HIV infection .

Another is to reduce discrimination towards people living with HIV and encouraging them to find their essential health services such as blood tests for HIV sexually transmitted diseases annually .

According to findings of the National Authority to Fight AIDS, said the risk of HIV spread was very much a team of services entertained that there were 36,000 people rate HIV have 15.2 percent MSM men have 21,000 rate HIV have 8.7 percent and the use of the drug is around 2,000 . Drug injection rates HIV high 24.4 percent .imagesCAWG8KRB3
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Men Oral sex during foreplay risk of sexual health problems

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By : Heng Neang

The study said that about 70 percent of the men may have sexual health problems if they like to use the medicine section swallowed every time they have sex with their partners .

Specialist at the University of Edinburgh , said that men who use oral sex during foreplay was born with sexual problems related particularly susceptible to weak man or semen often little if any use of oral .

The weak will only happen if men continue to practice medicine section taken on the bed . Therefore , men should eat nutritious food , health , if they want to have sex longer . Especially men , implement its natural features to Article
Avoid serious health problems .
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Long leather case foreskin can cause strep foreskin

By : Heng Neang

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According to a doctor if skin foreskin not shrink kralet especially when urinating or when such a hard penis can call the head of the penis skin covered nearly requiring a doctor surgery scalp penis .

Long leather case foreskin can cause strep foreskin . Skin foreskin is red , wet side Ith and itching . Inflammation can sometimes yeast infection by micro – cholesterol or triglycerides .

Sometimes the inflammation can be caused by a separate reaction with life soap pesticides or condoms . Moreover , the lack of sanitation caused flourished foreskin and wash not filing sexual lubricants can also cause irritation or itching of the head of the penis . But please understand that sometimes inflammation , prolonged erection can damage the penis sticking scalp foreskin can cause skin foreskin closed .
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Factors that cause a narrowing urethra

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Patient narrowing urethra is a narrowing circle urethra smaller than normal , and the process passing of kidney features malfunction causing effects difficulties in the release of urine . People with atherosclerosis banghuor kidney showed symptoms such as urinary burning difficult urination among tight feel fed groin forehead urethra have anemia , swelling , etc. .

Factors that cause a narrowing urethra is caused by the conflict because the Song urethra . Another factor is caused by infection in the urinary tract with other bacteria , especially HIV STIs bramihtukbeay and Teuk once . That ‘s why cause negative urethra beneficiaries and vulnerable .

If doctors know that with narrowing urethra is to use drug treatment requires patients to treat critically well . Because this disease to be transmitted in the long run without earlier treatment time .

To avoid narrowing urethra men who have multiple sexual partners are diligently to the clinic or hospital to check for other sexually transmitted diseases , especially screened for breast bramihtukbeay and gonorrhea Teuk because the condition can cause narrowing urethra .

Men fried red meat intake may increase the risk for prostate cancer

A new study has shown that fried red meat may increase the risk of prostate cancer by up to 40 % when red meat is cooked in high heat chemicals that can cause cancer has been established .

Nearly 2,000 men , which was related to research on prostate cancer , researchers examined men , more than half had been diagnosed with early forms of the disease .

Men who ate red meat fried than 1.5 of diet per week increased the risk of prostate cancer early stages to 30 percent . Additionally, men who ate red meat , which was cooked by the heat very much more than 2.5 of a diet that is more likely to have prostate cancer that up to 40 percent .
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By: Heng neang

The researchers also said that food , fried meat may increase the risk for prostate cancer .images1


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