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On February 13, 2017 Time 1:00 pm at the General Secretariat of the Authority National AIDS will organize promotional activities with partner organizations in society, females return on alert youth about the prevention of HIV infection and reproductive health at the Valentine’s Day on 14 February.


MStyle is a program to work on men who have sex with men to improve sexual health and general welfare of their through the creation of detailed ideas on human rights and sexual health education programs.

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AIDS will be included in the policy – Safety

Photograph: Somdach kraleahaom Sor Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said that AIDS will be incorporated into the 9 properties of the policy – Safety. Somdach kraleahaom Sor Kheng said that in a meeting on Strengthening the police administration in the morning of December 2, 2016, at the Ministry of Interior.

At the meeting, Prince kraleahaom month study team to review and to incorporate AIDS issues into any of these properties 9 Village-Safety. Jonathan kraleahaom compared the AIDS problem is similar to the drug problem and Jonathan kraleahaom also reminded of the problem of AIDS, which took place in a village in the province so far.

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Approximately 30 .0000 tourists to visit in the New Year in Siem Reap

During New Year traditional Khmer ago many national and international tourists a trip thousands at resort some of the provinces . What some visitors to the most entertaining in this year ?

Event Angkor the Sankranti in Siem Reap , organized to celebrate the New Year this year attracted new visitors to visit most of the main tourist areas in the country .

According to information from the governor Siem Reap H.E Khim Bun Song told that national and international tourists , about 30 thousand people visited and attended events Angkor Sankranti 4 days from January 13 to April 16 .

Events in Siem Reap Angkor Sankranti organized Bayon in Angkor Wat temple pitch bull elephant and a number of other locations . Last New Year 2013 also organized events Angkor Sankranti , leisure visitors to nearly 20 thousand people . According to tourism officials said Reap Angkor Sankranti this year to attract more tourists from Angkor Sankranti but there are unique applications and preparing large a giant cake ansaom exhibition for the first time ever in the country .

Apart from some Reap provinces in coastal areas also attract visitors to the amusement .

Deputy Tourism Ville OUE prosperity said initial estimates nearly 5 thousand tourists come in Ochheuteal Sihanoukville and Other areas which have not yet total tourists to visit the island resort stone lions and the resort head far : the number of visitors slightly lower than before because of the tourist area we have many places , such as on the island before guests Khmer not to play , but now in a 400 thousand , and to play , meaning that 40 % to play on island and other resorts have set up to also share many visitors walk .

At Kep Tourism Department chief Som Chenda told that 8 thousand tourists visiting there is more than 1 year tens of thousands . He said that the reason that this increase due to kep a natural eco tourism security and preservation of good order : kep perfectly it keeps well , good stability , security , safety does not have to fear from the big accident every year always Sparta . Point 2 because kep natural ecotourism potential .

Head of the Department of Tourism , Koh Bun said he remains plus the total number of tourists to visit the province in yet . But some conclusions can increase over the previous year , with more than 1 thousand . He explains why this increase due to factors easier to facilitate travel .

The head of the Department of Tourism Mondulkiri , said tens of thousands of visitors than 1 went to visit there for 3 days . This slight increase compared to last year . He noted that domestically grown and international guests have decreased slightly because of the difficulty to find a way to travel to the provinces MPF : « foreign guests decreased slightly decreased 3.38 percent . According to my research involving foreigners is difficult sometimes foreigners playing in Cham , Kratie he struggled to find a car Mondulkiri , sometimes he did not know the location of any other car . 2 Some taxi process .

In Kratie province , provincial head of the Department of Tourism Mr. Barron has noted that tourists can visit in this province there are more than 9 thousand most guest . This amount is increased by 8.41 percent compared to last year , with more than 8 thousand people . He said that factors that increase because of the standard of people ‘s lifestyle and easy travel .

However , tourists who visit the provinces some criticism that the authorities seem to not have to deal with guesthouses Hotel food and transportation fees , while in some areas is illegal traders raise prices now once during New year .

Some tourism officials explained that the authorities struggle to prevent the installation fee , due to high demand and some food vendors New Year holidays just make food . Civil society understand that if the government wants to prevent the installation fees in season can be done if there will actually want to prevent .
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