Telling people you are lesbian

Before you decide yo decide to start telling people you are a lesbian you should consider who you will tell and what their reaction may be.

‘Coming out’, or deciding to live openly as a lesbian, may be a long process. Be prepared for both positive and negative reactions.

Lesbian support

Why are some women

There is no real explanation as to why some women are lesbians and others are not. There have been many long and heated scientific debates about whether people are born “gay” or whether it is a sexual choice that they make later in life. If you are reading this information you will obviously have your own view on this subject!

The most important thing to remember is that there are more than one type of love in the world and always has been, throughout history. Whether we are born lesbian, or later discover that our love of women is stronger and deeper than our love of men, we should all have the right to love who we want to love.

Lesbians Women who love women

lstyle_lesbian_1Lesbians are an often forgotten group in Cambodian society – but LStyle offers support and advice to
women who love women too! We know that lesbians face different, but equally important, challenges to gay men and we offer some advice below to help you tackle some of these difficulties.

A lesbian is a woman whose main physical, emotional and sexual feelings are for women. There are lesbians in every country, culture and society but unfortunately, some women find it difficult to admit that they are lesbians (to themselves and others) because their society doesn’t accept it.

In the past all societies put forward the male-female couple as the normal kind of relationship because this is the relationship which produces children. As lesbians and gay people have struggled for more understanding and acceptance of their own natural love of same sex, more and more societies in the world are now accepting lesbian and gay love as normal and natural too.

Can you tell if a woman is a lesbian?

You probably won’t know if a woman is gay until she tells you. There is no way you can tell whether a woman is a lesbian just by looking at her.

You will be guessing and making assumptions. The way people dress is about their personal identity, not their sexuality.


How important is it to know how to start a conversation? It is an essential communication skill and has the potential  to make a big difference in your life — both socially and professionally.

Below are four steps to help you start a conversation:

New Year New You

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In 2012 I promise to….

1. Always carry condoms and lubrication in my bag or my wallet!

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