In 2020 Cambodia will not accomplish its goal of new HIV infections

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Hall: In the meeting before the General Assembly‘s annual CPN + on 7 November 2012 at the headquarters KHANA Oum Sopheap CEO KHANA said based on the strategic plan for long-term in 2020, we are going to achieve the goal of Cambodia do not have those newly infected with HIV.
On the meeting today, Mr. Chairman KHANA confirmed that was the preparatory meeting before opening the General Assembly‘s annual CPN + or a convention, a major network, you load the main AIDS in Cambodia to jointly examined statutes of himself as stated in the strategic plan for long-term.
He said the convention is a chance that HIVnetwork talks to expand and strengthen self-organize themselves better to the environment, the spread of HIV infection into a new turning.
Kathy’s General Conference, people living with HIV in the country has about 50,000 figure is only for those who know of these tests. But if you have not tested. But if you do not test it is estimated about 70,000 people across the country.

Leaves tiebbeareang treat cancer, diabetes, rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases


Ingredients leaves tiebreaker 40 sheets of water and 1 liter Note Colored leaves tiebreaker blue too, but do not remove the old leaves. Leaves it to them to air dry, it’s better than fresh leaves, because it leaves them dry, effective drugs better.And do not remove the leaves at the sun will heat or heat Chang Kisangani because too much heat loss of the parent drug and its effect.1 boil 1 liter of boiled 2 split immediately leaves the feet and reduce fire 3 basically it’s 20 minutes. Colored it turned maroon or Colored as well as normal 4 let it cool drink But this has been efficient only for 7 to 8 hours, and can be frozen.Tiebreaker drink a full 30 days 3 times in 1 day,  1 glass before a meal. But it’s easier to absorb into the empty stomach. After 30 days to the doctor to check whether there are or not. If symptoms still continue to use it. If your symptoms before treatment 30 days, continue to drink it, to make sure that none of the remaining cells sick.30 days of treatment 3 times in 1 day, drink 1 cup 30 minutes before rice ban failed.Drink 1 glass cleaning in 1 day 30 minutes before meals and 5 days in 1 week, except for Saturday and Sunday. Auspicious day 2 days 1 week. Do not mix with other drugs because it Chongqing. Do not use more of the Capital to follow the instructions.

New HIV testing campaign urges Thai men to take advantage of rapid testing

New Thai HIV campaign Test BKK is targeting men who have sex with men to get more gay Thai men to know their HIV status in the capital Bangkok

Photo by Test BKK
Community organizations in Bangkok, Thailand have joined forces to launch the ‘Test BKK’ campaign targeting gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) to increase HIV testing in Bangkok.Using the slogan ‘Suck. F*#k. Test. Repeat’, Test BKK will use its website, Facebook, popular websites and mobile applications used by gay men, to spread information and messages designed to encourage more gay men in Bangkok to test for HIV and to be more aware of HIV risks and the importance of using condoms.‘The campaign targets the young gay men to encourage them to get tested to know their HIV status and regularly test for HIV in a way that speaks directly to the target group,’ APCOM executive director Midnight Poonka set wattana said.‘As the majority of new HIV cases in Thailand is occurring amongst MSM, this is a much needed campaign.’Poonkase twattana said the launch comes at a time of opportunity – just prior to the Thai New Year ‘Songkran’ celebrations, a well know party season for the gay community in Bangkok.‘We are excited about the launch of this campaign,’ Poonka set wattana said.‘It will be one of the largest campaigns, involving a number of community, government and private sector partnerships, released in Bangkok focused on the issue about HIV testing for gay men.The campaign will use funny short videos which highlight key messages about the importance of testing, and online resources providing information about gay and MSM-friendly services in Bangkok providing HIV tests, as well as general HIV prevention information including the importance of consistent use of condoms and water- or silicone-based lubricants.The first of the videos released shows two Thai guys hooking up at a nightclub and then going back to an apartment only to discover they are both bottoms. They then go and get rapid tested at a Bangkok clinic.A report released in July 2013 by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified the alarming HIV prevalence among men-who-have-sex with other men in Bangkok.HIV prevalence in the general population in Thailand is 1.4%, however, HIV prevalence among MSM has risen sharply, from 17% in 2003 to 29% in 2011. It is estimated that without increased efforts, this figure could rise to as high as 40% by 2015.To date traditional forms of HIV prevention and education in Thailand have been delivered through peer-to-peer networks, including the distribution of condoms and information regarding HIV testing.But APCOM partner the Rainbow Sky Foundation of Thailand says the boom in hook up apps and dating websites mean that increased investment in education and prevention via online technologies and social media platforms is needed in Thailand
‘The MSM community in Bangkok needs more awareness about the importance of HIV testing,’ Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand director Danai Linjongrat said.‘These messages should to speak directly to the community. It’s important that MSM talk more about HIV testing, this will help to reduce the fear and stigma associated with, this is the only way we are going to have an impact.’The Rainbow Sky Association is just one of a number of partners working with APCOM to support the campaign.Another is the HIV/STD Research Program, Thailand MOPH – US CDC Collaboration (TUC) who warned that testing rates must rise to avoid a tragedy..‘We need to drastically increase the numbers of MSM testing, particularly young MSM. An important concern is the proportion of people who haven’t tested or tested recently and don’t know what their HIV status is.’ TUC director Timothy Holtz said.

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STIs can infect many different streets, not through sex

They had heard that STI infection but the only way sex and they are thought to use a condom when having sex is enough to prevent avoid disease . If they really think so, let’s change this thinking immediately . STDs can also be spread from person to person along many different only way that you can not guess .

1 . Oral sex

Any direct communication with semen , vaginal fluid or blood from a separate track , findings on the genitals or in the mouth of the patient can also be infected . So oral sex also have to use a condom secured .

2 . Blood

So far, the blood must not be checked for hepatitis and the result is you get blood positively that vipheakchheam with hepatitis . This is also the same for chomnguhiv or AIDS . Therefore the present time giving blood , they have to be careful analysis filter to avoid receiving blood storage diseases , including sexually transmitted diseases . Because patients in organic virus present lubricant .

3 . Teok

If maternal STI treatment sometimes can not be copied to the feed – feeding mothers ( or delivery ) . STIs can hibernate not extend influence out after several years , or at any specific conditions , diseases appear . This is why many women do not have sexual relations again , nothing kept STI .

4 . Communication skin and skin

Even when skin touches skin can also sufficient to STI . Like oral sex , if the scars on the skin scrapes findings virus penetrating through a separate track , into the body .
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Men who sex with Men (MSM) is hight risk of HIV transmission

According to research your health subject is said that men love the same sex as a group of individuals who have rate risk of HIV disease in years due to oral sex and large doors make happen friction than the golden door .

Ironically, they found that the number of those infected with HIV (HIV) , even lower than before , but the infection rate HIV increases among men love the same sex as an individuals some did not find out .

Researchers therefore appealed to men love the same sex should be special health check blood HIV at least once in a day . If found HIV rush to get immediate treatment by eating drugs against viruses preventing the spread of the virus to others and to an individuals aged longer .

So same – sex men (MSM) to use condoms when necessary to prevent the spread of sexually and HIV replication (HIV) or AIDS (AIDS).
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